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Knowledge Topics

  • 1

    The Fundamentals of Bookkeeping For Every Small Business Owner

    • Overview: The Top 4 Bookkeeping Fundamentals For All Businesses
    • Segregating Business Transactions from Personal Transactions
    • Track Your Activity Using QuickBooks Or Similar
    • Staying Organized
  • 2

    Must Know QuickBooks Functions

    • ​The Top 5 Need-To-Know QuickBooks Functions
    • Our Favorite QuickBooks Reports
  • 3

    Tracking Who You Owe & Who Owes You

    • Tracking Who You Owe & Who Owes You
  • 4

    Consistency! It's SO Important!

    • Bookkeeping Is Just Consistency & Logic
    • The Critical Importance of a Consistent Routine
    • Doing It ALL (Not Just The Easy Ones)
  • 5

    Some Basic Tax Items for Business Owners

    • Planning For Taxes (And Paying Yourself!)
    • Using Your Vehicle for Business
  • 6

    Question: When Should You Open A Separate Legal Entity?

    • Overview to a Separate Legal Entity
    • Deeper Discussion: Separate Legal Entities